The Arlington Boulevard Community Development Organization (ABCD) provides many activities and services for children and adults in the community. 

Summer Camps: Kingsley Community and Graham Road School students participate in a number of summer camps and activities.  Over 125 children from the community attend one or more supervised recreation program each year. Some of the camps and activities include:

  • Summer Rec-Pac , Fairfax County Recreation Department
  • Rec-Quest program, Fairfax County Recreation Department
  • 4-H Camp (sleep-away camp)
  • Elks Camp (sleep-away camp)
  • Tech Adventure Camp, Fairfax County Public Schools

Camp Information
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Kingsley Family Resource Center (KFRC) offers a variety of activities to children and adults such as 4-H club, English and Citizenship classes, adult computer classes and a variety of workshops.

Computer Learning Center Partnership (CLCP) at Kingsley provides the access of computers and the internet to children of all ages.   The center provides instructors, classes and enrichment activities.

Youth Soccer:  Kingsley Commons provides coaching staff and practice fields for elementary and middle school aged children.